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Platform for Muslim Professionals: Share Ideas, Serve Islam
Working Together to Serve Islam
They believe in God and the Last Day, and enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and vie with one another in doing good works: and these are among the righteous. – Quran 3:114

MPA Overview

Our community is a vibrant one. There is no shortage of talent, resources, skills, and enthusiasm for new ideas. And so many of those same people see opportunities to meet the challenges facing both the Muslim community and their general localities. At MPA, we felt it was necessary to put together a platform where the professional talents of the community could be brought together for the good causes Islam calls us towards.

Muslim Professional Association is a Texas non-profit organization serving the Greater Houston Area community.
Mission Statement
Muslim Professional Association (MPA) is a platform that is dedicated to serving Islam by connecting Muslim Professionals together
MPA is a Platform
A “platform” is a system that can be tailored and customized by its users and therefore adapt to countless needs and niches. MPA serves as a platform for networking, interfaith, and outreach activities aimed at fostering the latent talents, expertise and resources of the Muslims Professionals within the greater Houston community.

MPA Serves and Connects
Through its activities and events, MPA seeks to offer a space that fosters creative, constructive ideas coming from within the Muslim community that aim to serve Islam and Houston at large. MPA will also serve to connect the Muslim community together, as this platform is available and welcome to all members of the Muslim community irrespective of organizational affiliation.

MPA Activities
MPA’s activities are developed in two ways. For one, MPA’s regular networking events are meant to bring Muslim Professionals in a cordial environment in order to brainstorm ideas, concerns, and consider new opportunities. The coming together of such bright minds is one way ideas flow within the organization.

Second, MPA is involved in Community Service – where organizations present their services and needs to members and provide an opportunity for them to get involved.

Networking Events
MPA plans to hold 5 events each year for the benefit of its members. The goal of these events is:

  • To get Muslim professionals together in an environment that fosters exchange of ideas
  • To present opportunities to get involved in community development efforts
  • To build a base of members that can act collectively on important issues

More Detail

Community Service

As Muslim professionals, we all have ideas that we think can benefit the Muslim community. Through Community Service we can share our ideas with each other, and help organize and develop these ideas into projects other members can contribute their resources towards.

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